Together we stand, together we fight…together we shall triumph over the night.
And in the end when we are the last to fall,we shall be honored and remembered by all.

not just beautifuldark and powerful.


"Your phone’s ringing"

Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor.

Megan Rapinoe & Sydney Leroux of the USWNT | © Lance King | 8/20/14


It’s as if I’m Finnick, watching images of my life flash by. The mast of a boat, a silver parachute, Mags laughing, a pink sky, Beetee’s trident, Annie in her wedding dress, waves breaking over rocks. Then its over.”

The world’s a better place ‘cause you came in time,
You took away the rain and brought the sunshine,
I was afraid ‘cause I was hurt the last time