Pixar can never top this.

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anonymous asked: Neal or Hook

" Mystery makes movie stars! If you see someone on the cover of the weeklies all the time, why would you want to pay to see them in a movie? " - Sophia Bush

Favorites Characters » Noah Puckerman (Glee)

"You’re all a bunch of cowards. Coward losers. You know, this is it. This is the moment of our lives… this is the one we can actually look back and tell our children about. This is our moment to actually win something, and you guys are sitting in the damn stands. I mean, you’re so afraid of being called geeks or losers or gay, that you settle for being nothing."

 The anthem begins. And then the faces …


Emma Swan + joking around with Hook

make me choose: → teen wolf or once upon a time? (asked by wincasster)